Elect Marckeith DeJesus
United States Senate 2020


                  Marckeith DeJesus

              For United States Senate

This is an important election; the next Senator from Georgia MUST listen to the people of Georgia and act accordingly on their behalf, make thoughtful decisions and be prepared to address the many concerns of the constituents within the State.

If elected, I will hold my self accountable to you, the citizens of Georgia, listen carefully to your concerns and work with fellow senators regardless of political party to draft and introduce a bill to address the issues that matters the most to the voters who elected and placed me in office to be their voice in DC.

Whether you are a Republican, Independent, Libertarian or Democrat like me, I’m sure we can all agree that our country is being forced down a path that goes against our American values and beliefs. We have a President who has proven to be divisive, reckless in word and policy and a threat to the safety of the American people and the American way of life. Even worse, we have a lame duck congress who is allowing this rouge Commander in Chief to go unchecked. The majority of Georgians disagree with the policies of #45, policies such as immigration, imposing tariffs on our allies, breaking away from the Paris Agreement, attempting to pass billions of dollars onto the American taxpayer for his border wall, meeting with dictators behind closed doors and leaving the American public in the dark as to what was discussed or agreed to and lying to the American people multiple times on multiple subjects such as the Russian hacking and interference of the 2016 Presidential election in which he famously calls the investigation a witch hunt, first saying on April 5, 2018 that he did not know anything about any payments to Stormy Daniels then on April 26, 2018 saying he did know of the about the general arrangement and finally in May 2018 saying that he paid Michael Cohen back the $130k payment, these are just a few examples of why we cannot and should not trust this President to be our Commander in Chief and to represent us globally. My opponent David Perdue once said "Washington is broken, if you want different results, you have to send a different kind of person." Since he was elected in 2014, Perdue has been nothing of the sort, he has shown that he is the same kind of person, same kind of Republican that gets into office and goes along with the status quo instead of going against it. When the President made the statement about Africa being a S---hole country, Perdue being in the room claimed he didn’t hear the comment then on January 14 2018, Perdue, on ABC this week said "Trump S---hole comment is a total misrepresentation."

If elected I pledge to work for each and every Georgian regardless of political affiliation. The time to act is now. As your next Senator there will be no hidden agendas, I will boldly stand before my peers in the senate and deeply express putting aside party differences for the greater good of the people of Georgia and get the job done for the voters who entrusted us to govern this great state we call home.



Marckeith DeJesus